Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your products?

Our products are sold through Authorized Dealers. We encourage you to visit with them to view our products and allow them to assist in meeting your lighting needs.


How do I locate an Authorized Distributor?

Click on the Distributor Locator tab, and it will direct you to Authorized Dealers in your area.


What is the best way to install my new Lighting Fixture?

Read and follow the instructions which are included with all of our products.


Are the Light Bulbs Included with my fixtures?

Bulbs are not included unless stated in the “Legend” column in the catalog or specifications.


Must Light Bulb Wattages remain as listed on the fixtures?

Yes, the wattages stated are maximum recommended, however you may use lower wattages to satisfy you lighting needs.


How much Chain and Wire are supplied with your fixtures?

–          Unless otherwise noted in our catalog or specifications, fixtures up to 32” in diameter are supplied with 4 feet of Chain and 8 feet of Wire.

–          Fixtures over 32” in diameter include 8 feet of Chain and 13 feet of Wire.

–          Cable suspended fixtures are supplied with 8 feet of cable to allow for installation as a semi-flush or up to 8 foot suspension.