Our smoked Firenze crystal is sourced from artisans and craftsmen around the world, brought together by Allegri Crystal to create lighting pieces that embody alluring refraction and shine. Compared to traditional clear crystal pieces, smoked crystals create a visual interest that sends a warmer feel into the surrounding space.

The rich hue of refracted light offered by smoked crystal brings a sultry mood into any living space. Incorporating layers of color into your lighting will add depth and dimension; these smoked crystal details are best highlighted in our Modello and Gehry collections.

The Modello line unites patterned crystal within rectangular frames, contrasting smoked crystal with virgin crystal to create a variance in hue.

The Gehry line welcomes more organic shapes into the smoked crystal conversation. Frank Gehry’s architectural designs inform the curvy orb design of this elegant piece, styled with bronze and clear crystals in alternating patterns.